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New Rule!! Pregnancies

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New Rule!! Pregnancies Empty New Rule!! Pregnancies

Post by Caroline Berry on Wed Oct 14, 2015 5:46 pm


Obviously, this happens. But I'm not completely sure I like how fast these are happening. Here are my requirements.

1. If you do decide to make your character pregnant, let's have a little realism. I think there should be a certain number of posts for each month of the pregnancy. Logan and I have decided that each person must make a minimum of 25 posts for each month of the pregnancy. So for instance, if Alia and Logan were to get pregnant, I would have to make 25 posts with Logan, and vice versa, before we could move on to month 2 of the pregnancy. So 25 posts from the person playing the woman and 25 posts from the person playing the man.

2. Check with member who is playing your characters spouse, fiancée, boyfriend, lover, etc. Make a plan with them about whether or not your characters will have kids, how many kids they should have, what the genders and names will be.

(I realize I have not done this, but that's what brought this to my attention.)

That's all for now, I'll get back to you with whatever else on this subject that Logan and I have decided on.

The Admin Team

1: Alia Brooks-18-Starbucks-Straight-Engaged to Logan Henderson (Emily Rudd)
2: Benedict Loric-38-Business Tycoon-Homosexual-Engaged to Thomas Whittaker (Benedict Cumberbatch)
3: Samantha Cain-19-Unemployed-Straight-Single (AnnaSophia Robb)
4: Liam Cain-23-Soldier-Straight-It's complicated (Liam Hemsworth)
5: Chanelle Nelson-19-Make up Artist-Bisexual-IAR w/ Andrew Night (Victoria Justice)
6: Meredith Grey-32-Doctor-Bisexual-Single (Ellen Pompeo)
7: Elias Bates-27-Unemployed-Unsure-Single (Bill Skarsgard)
8: Mary Margaret Blanchard-28-Teacher-Heterosexual-Single (Ginnifer Goodwin)
9: Preston Bates-41-President of USA-Heterosexual-Single (Alexander Skarsgard)
10: Mason Severide-30-Firefighter-Heterosexual-Single (Taylor Kinney)
Caroline Berry
Caroline Berry

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