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Mariana Carter

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Mariana Carter  Empty Mariana Carter

Post by Sierra Kingsley on Sun Jun 28, 2015 12:16 pm

Name: Mariana Haywood 
Age: 19
Gender: Female 
Looks: Mariana Carter  Image002-2_400x400
Faceclaim: Miranda Kerr
Sexuality: Pansexual
God Parent: Posiedon
Powers: water control 
Family: none 
Relationship Status: single 
Occupation: student 
Place of Residence: Jacksonville, Fl 
Highest level of education: Studying at University 
Years at camp: 1.5

Backstory: Mariana grew up in El Paso, Texas with her mother Lucinda. She has two younger brother, Jace and Jordan and an older sister, Callie. She found out she was special when a hell hound attacked her at school. She traveled for about 3 weeks with her Satyr to get to camp, as she was traveling either by bus or on foot. It was a long journey and it was extremely dangerous. When she finally got to camp, she had finally found a place where she felt safe, loved, and welcomed. Or so she thought. After camp, she moved to Florida to attend the University of North Florida 
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Mariana Carter  Empty Re: Mariana Carter

Post by Logan Henderson on Sun Jun 28, 2015 12:17 pm


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